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The Calcium Conundrum: how do you know you’re getting enough?

As with any nutriment we consume, calcium is unlikely to send us a quick message, ‘Hi, arrived safely. Waiting for absorption clearance. Will let you know.’ We can only hope we’ve taken in the right amount to be helpful, and that our bodies will react positively to the regular surge of bone building and strengthening […]


The Value of Vitamin D: Still an important factor for those with Osteoporosis

Most people consider Vitamin D as a vital element to preserving bone and staving off Osteoporosis but rarely think how valuable it is once the illness has been diagnosed. However, the fact is that Vitamin D will still be important in helping your body cope with Osteoporosis even after a diagnosis has been made. It […]


Osteoporosis and Nutrition: What best to eat when living with Osteoporosis

They say we are what we eat. And, while there are thousands of diet options that ensure that one stays healthy, it can be confusing when we need to change our diets to correct a lifetime of bad habits – or for that matter, even good habits. Life’s really awkward if you have a sensitive […]


The Merits of Milk: and the doubtful debate

Milk. The very word conjures up a sense of gentle generosity and creamy delight. From the first moment mankind discovered the pleasures of warm cow’s milk, we have harvested this popular food in daily consumption for centuries. However, there are some – notably colon specialists and some dieticians – who believe that cow’s milk is […]


Can anorexia lead to osteoporosis?

Worse than a disease that severely affects the body is without a doubt a disease that affects both mind and body. Anorexia nervosa is one such illness and probably one of the most devastating ones at that. The truth about anorexia is that it’s not a silly fad or phase but, in fact, a serious […]


Vitamin D- just another vitamin?


We all know that calcium is good for bones, and much has been written about this, but calcium goes hand in hand with vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the development and maintenance of bone, both for its role in assisting calcium absorption from food in the intestine, and for ensuring the renewal and […]