The NOFSA Council consists of 10 national experts in the field of osteoporosis. All our Council Members regularly attend and present at International Conferences on Osteoporosis. NOFSA also published the Guidelines on Osteoporosis in 2001 and in 2011. This is distributed to the Department of Health and nationwide to all interested physicians/ health care professionals.

As a full member of the IOF, NOFSA has free access to all scientifically validated data, literature, studies and Position Statements on bone health and other related conditions.

NOFSA Council for 2020-2023

 Dr Tobie de Villiers (Chairman),  Dr Stan Lipschitz (Vice-Chairman) Prof Bilkish Cassim, Prof Magda Conradie, Dr Hayley de Wet, Dr Wimpie de Lange, Dr Tobie de Villiers, Dr Graham Ellis, Prof Farhana Paruk, Dr Zane Stevens, and Prof Kebashni Thandrayen