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Making Old Bones: when children develop osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is probably one of the last diseases we would expect a child to suffer. We are so used to it as a bone thinning disease of older people that when presented with it in a really young person, even babies, there is almost a sense of shock along with the concern. But rather unfortunately, […]


The Bones of Christmas: calcium-rich recipes for the festive season

So for those who are fearful that an uncontrolled binge over Christmas may leave them bow-legged and unsteady on their feet by the intrusive light of Boxing Day, fear no more. There’s plenty to eat that will nourish, strengthen and fortify those bones without leaving you nibbling sadly on a limp lettuce leaf or mere […]

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Osteoporosis and exercise: the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful

So by now, you may have reached the point where, whether you like it or not, you’ve been told that one of the most important measures against osteoporosis is exercise. Whether to avoid osteoporosis or deal with it as a current condition, it matters not…the prospect of having to hop about, huffing and puffing on […]


Bone Work: living with osteoporosis in the workplace

Living with osteoporosis in the workplace If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis during your working years, you have two important aspects to contemplate: firstly, your job itself may be the cause of your osteoporosis if you spend your day mostly sitting and staring at a computer; and secondly, how you will manage the condition if […]


Run For Your Bones: how weight bearing exercise builds bones

November is bone health month – so join us for our Family Fun Run/Walk on 25 November at Durbanville – and “Rattle them Bones”! Here’s why you should be joining us Bones are living organs, and during your early to mid-20s, your bones accumulate a goodly supply of calcium. However, once you hit your 40s, […]


5 Painless Tips for Overcoming Accessibility Issues When Living with Osteoporosis

No matter how well-intentioned a property owner may be, they may not be able to remove all hazards that could harm individuals living with osteoporosis. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about commercial properties in South Africa that have accessibility issues. However, there are some steps you can take to guard yourself. 1. […]


NOFSA Privacy Policy

This Privacy (“Policy”) covers the National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa (NOFSA’s) treatment of personal information or personally identifiable information (both “Personal Information”) that may be collected or submitted when the web-user (“you”) are using NOFSA’s website or services. This Policy does not apply to companies that NOFSA does not own or control, or to […]

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That was then. Now is now: a Mother’s Determination

The following article was published in the May version of COPING (Osteoporosis Canada). Christine Thomas was only 42 when, bending to lift her newborn daughter, she fractured her spine. Diagnosed with five vertebral fractures as a result of unsuspected osteoporosis, she had no idea of the painful and transformative road she would have to travel […]

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Good Genes, Good Bones: getting more than granny’s melktert

Good Genes Good Bones

It’s always good to go to granny’s for Sunday dinner – home cooked is what you get, tasty and nutritious. And no guessing on pudding – from apple pie to melktert, you knew you were getting the best; recipes honed to perfection and passed down through the family generations. And if granny was hale and […]


Osteoporosis and Longevity: childhood and adolescence

osteoporosis -love life-and your bones

Love life – and love your bones! The idea that osteoporosis is an old person’s complaint and only needs to be dealt with in old age, is entirely wrong. The future map of osteoporosis can be laid down the moment you are born, interlaid by your genetic blueprint. If there is a family history of […]