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Am I at Risk of Developing Osteoporosis?

Treating someone with established osteoporosis is difficult and the real key to managing this disease is by preventing it! Identifying your risk factors early can help stop bone loss sooner rather than later when it may be more difficult to treat. Because there are no real symptoms until a fracture happens, we call it the […]

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Too Close to the Bone: Effects of Smoking on your Bones

In the 1950s nearly everyone smoked. It was hip and happening – and if you were young, it looked cool. If you were a teenager, the reasoning was that it made you look grown up. And because all teenagers hate looking too young, anything that allows at snatch at adulthood is leapt upon with alacrity […]


IOF Global Patient Charter

Osteoporosis remains severely underdiagnosed and undertreated! Take action for a world without fragility fractures. Sign up for the IOF Global Patient Charter here.

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The stark reality of South Africa’s low calcium intake

It is no exaggeration to say that the effects of osteoporosis are crippling – that the causes of it can be effectively curtailed by knowing some simple dietary and lifestyle facts, therefore seems all the more concerning and unnecessarily cruel. Some disturbing statistics: The average daily intake of calcium in South Africa is approximately 400-500mg/day […]


Osteoporosis and Longevity: childhood and adolescence

osteoporosis -love life-and your bones

Love life – and love your bones! The idea that osteoporosis is an old person’s complaint and only needs to be dealt with in old age, is entirely wrong. The future map of osteoporosis can be laid down the moment you are born, interlaid by your genetic blueprint. If there is a family history of […]


Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis: do you know the difference?

The terms osteoporosis and osteoarthritis sound like very similar conditions but in reality they are two very different medical conditions with little in common. In both instances the word ‘osteo’ means bone. Osteoporosis affects the bones directly while osteoarthritis affects the joints between the bones. Therefore the symptoms are experienced differently, and the diseases develop […]

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Can anorexia lead to osteoporosis?

Worse than a disease that severely affects the body is without a doubt a disease that affects both mind and body. Anorexia nervosa is one such illness and probably one of the most devastating ones at that. The truth about anorexia is that it’s not a silly fad or phase but, in fact, a serious […]


Nutrition and Bone Health 1


Bone is a living, dynamic, metabolically active tissue. It is also a specialized connective tissue, composed of a collagen (protein) framework, permeated with mineral salts composed of mostly calcium and phosphate, together with trace amounts of other minerals and ions. It is estimated that worldwide an osteoporotic fracture occurs every 3 seconds. At 50 years […]


Exercise and Bones 2


Bone is a living tissue! Old bone is constantly being chewed away and replaced by new bone. There is nothing permanent about living bone. Like a muscle, it can grow and it can shrink. It is in a constant state of change. Unfortunately, the biggest change comes with age. As we age, our bones naturally […]


Negative Nutrition factors that may influence Bone Health

Alcohol Moderate alcohol intake is not thought to be harmful to bone. In contrast, higher levels of alcohol intake – more than 2 standard units of alcohol daily – were found to produce a significant increase in the risk of hip and other osteoporotic fractures. Excessive alcohol intake is known to have direct detrimental effects […]