“I’ve heard about osteoporosis, but thought I didn’t fit the profile.  It turns out you don’t have to fit the profile – thin, small boned, Caucasian and heading towards 60.  It’s amazing how you can have the symptoms, but something doesn’t “click”.  I was diagnosed with two fractures in my spine two years ago, found on an MRI and X-ray.

I was told I had borderline osteoporosis, but nothing could be done, just three months of rest and medication.  Not easy, as my husband had just had a bypass and I had to run his business and mine during his and my recuperation.  Luckily, my office chair was very comfortable!  The following year, I had a really strange pain in my right groin.  X-ray showed nothing.  It took about three months to heal.  My back and legs were never terribly comfortable after that.

Fast-forward to June 2020.  In Lockdown, I had a tingle in my left groin, which quickly developed into severe pain.  Back on crutches and this time I went to visit the Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon who diagnosed severe osteoporosis after an MRI and blood tests.  It turned out the pain I had had in my right groin the year before was a healed fracture.  I have been given differing advice – annual infusion vs a weekly medication, exercise – walking or cycling, biokineticist or physiotherapist.  I have taken it upon myself to take Collagen, calcium, magnesium, and Super C, and drink bone broth daily.

The best advice to date that I have been given is to see an Endocrinologist, who specialises in a range of conditions, such as diabetes, menopause, osteoporosis and thyroid problems.  So here we go, at the beginning of my osteoporosis journey –  I have to get it right.  I want to play with my grandchildren, enjoy this beautiful country and travel.  It is incredible how quickly one can go to being borderline osteoporosis to having fully-fledged osteoporosis, but I am determined to be fit and well.”