Disclaimer: These products are part of the NOFSA licensing scheme supporting bone health. However, NOFSA does not endorse or recommend these products.

Ascendis Health


MenaCal.7™ is a calcium supplement with bone-fortifying nutrients vitamin K2 and vitamin D3. MenaCal.7™ contains the
secret ingredient for optimal bone health –Vitamin K2 (MK-7). This formulation works synergistically to ensure an optimal intake of the 3 key ingredients for the development and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth.

RADICAL® TABLETS helps maintain  healthy bones and teeth. K2D3™ complex supports optimal calcium absorption. RADICAL® TABLETS helps to lower your risk of bone mineral loss and osteoporosis – where the bones become brittle and fragile. • Maintains healthy bones and teeth
• K2D3™ complex supports optimal calcium absorption

• RadiCal® Adult Tablets helps to lower your risk of bone mineral loss and Osteoporosis.

Clover Nolac Milk and Yoghurt

Clover Nolac™ is pre-treated with the enzyme lactase to break down lactose, making it easier to digest for the lactose intolerant person. This process also gives Clover Nolac™ a sweeter taste than regular milk, but without the added sugar! Clover has also added Calcium and Vitamin D, which are nutrients known to be lacking in the diet of a lactose-intolerant person. This delicious, creamy taste of dairy can be enjoyed on its own, in tea and coffee, and with cereal, and is ideal for use in cooking  and baking.


Just one tablet daily supports your body in three areas that most influence your well-being: your bone, cardiovascular, and immune systems. This unique product, formulated specifically for women of all ages, provides enough calcium for your daily requirements. One container contains enough for one month.

 Apart from calcium, Vascafem contains vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, which aid in the absorption of calcium. It also includes folic acid, Vitamin B6, hawthorn, zinc, and selenium.