In 2022, GAfPA will partner with the National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa (NOFSA) to wage a public awareness campaign targeted at patients, health care providers, health insurance funds, and policymakers. The campaign aims to raise awareness and shape perceptions about osteoporosis by highlighting:

  • The risk of developing osteoporosis and practices that reduce the risk of bone loss and fragility fractures
  • The need for patients to speak to their health care provider about osteoporosis screening
  • The benefits of guideline-directed treatments to optimally manage their osteoporosis diagnosis and prevent fractures


  • Any patient living with osteoporosis currently and who is comfortable doing an interview in front of a camera must please email [email protected] or call us at 0861 102 265. 
  • The recordings will take place towards the end of July and the production team will come to the patient, so no travelling or costs needs to be incurred.

The awareness campaign will be launched on digital channels during the month of October, contemporaneous with World Osteoporosis Day. Campaign rollout will be publicised in national and community media and promoted among key stakeholders. GAfPA will work with NOFSA to create a slogan for the campaign which will feature a series of educational materials that will be developed and cobranded with NOFSA. All materials, content, and call to actions will be specific to the South African audience.