On 20 October, the globe will celebrate World Osteoporosis Day and calls on everyone to love their bones and protect their future. Affecting nearly 33% of women and 25% of men, Osteoporosis is an underdiagnosed and undertreated silent disease.

Being the only non-profit, voluntary health organisation dedicated to promoting lifelong bone health in South Africa, the National Osteoporosis Foundation of South Africa (NOFSA), is dedicated to increasing awareness of Osteoporosis.

Says Teréza Hough, CEO of NOFSA, “Osteoporosis is a serious condition caused by the thinning of bones and can lead to bone fractures. There is a serious misconception that Osteoporosis is a normal part of aging. Although it is mostly age-related, it is not exclusive to the senior population, and more importantly, it can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition from an early age. We need to create good eating habits that will not only influence our health in years to come but also those of our children.”

You can celebrate World Osteoporosis Day by wearing white on the 20th of October. Celebrate good bone health by ensuring that you and your family follow a balanced diet every day and where necessary, take supplements to boost your physical wellbeing, not only for today but for many years in the future, and not only for yourself but for generations to come.

Please help NOFSA make a loud noise about this Silent Disease by making a donation! Visit www.osteoporosis.org.za/contact-us/donate/

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For more information, visit www.osteoporosis.org.za