Herewith the live links to our webinars that can be completed by Health Care Practitioners.

A practical guide to the management of osteoporosis

with Dr Hayley de Wet

Managing the Elderly Patient Post Fracture

with Drs Stan Lipschitz & Tobie De Villiers

Diabetes and Osteoporosis

with Dr Zane Stevens

The essentials of DXA interpretation in osteoporosis management

with Dr Graham Ellis

Medicines and osteoporosis: A focus on concerning effects of anti-osteoporotic and other medications

with Dr Willem de Lange

Patients with low bone mass – What is going on?

with Dr Zane Stevens

Bones, Kidneys and Hearts - 3 Moving Targets

with Sir John Cunningham and Dr Stan Lipschitz

Osteoporosis as a life-time disease – How to manage expectations

Dr  Tobie De Villiers

Calcium & Vit D: An approach to bone care while considering safety concerns

Dr  Stanley Lipschitz

Fracture Risk Assessment in Osteoporosis

Dr  Zane Stevens

Menopause Study


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