2021 Congress Links

Herewith the links to all the sessions presented during our Virtual 2021 Congress.

Dr Graham Ellis

Controversies in the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis

Dr Cornelius Laubscher

Prevalence of sarcopenia in older SA patients

Dr Helena Johansson

The surrogate FRAX model in Zimbabwe

Prof E McCloskey

An Update on FRAX in 2021

Prof Manju Chandran

Cancer and bone loss

Prof M Conradie

Low bone density in men

Dr Z Stevens

Diabetic Bone Disease

Dr Stanley Lipschitz

Sarcopenia, frailty, and fractures

Dr K Jordaan

A bone is broken…

Prof K Thandrayen

Osteogenesis imperfecta

Dr Stanley Lipschitz

Trabecular bone score

Dr T de Villiers

Boneheads and Menopausal Hormone Therapy