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Bone Work: living with osteoporosis in the workplace

Living with osteoporosis in the workplace If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis during your working years, you have two important aspects to contemplate: firstly, your job itself may be the cause of your osteoporosis if you spend your day mostly sitting and staring at a computer; and secondly, how you will manage the condition if […]


Osteoporosis and Exercise: Working your bones to better Health

Being diagnosed with Osteoporosis can be unsettling. It’s disconcerting to discover that your bones are not what they used to be, that they’ve let you down and it could hold consequences for the future. How do you care for a condition that you cannot see, and cannot really feel? There is the sudden concern that […]


Run For Your Bones: how weight bearing exercise builds bones

November is bone health month – so join us for our Family Fun Run/Walk on 25 November at Durbanville – and “Rattle them Bones”! Here’s why you should be joining us Bones are living organs, and during your early to mid-20s, your bones accumulate a goodly supply of calcium. However, once you hit your 40s, […]