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Down to the Bone: labelling for osteoporosis

While we may well know that the most important nutrients for people with osteoporosis are calcium and vitamin D, there are differing ways to keep ourselves in good supply of these vital foods. Eating the right foods is one method, supplements are another. But how do we find the right ones, the correct products that […]


The Value of Vitamin D: Still an important factor for those with Osteoporosis

Most people consider Vitamin D as a vital element to preserving bone and staving off Osteoporosis but rarely think how valuable it is once the illness has been diagnosed. However, the fact is that Vitamin D will still be important in helping your body cope with Osteoporosis even after a diagnosis has been made. It […]


5 Painless Tips for Overcoming Accessibility Issues When Living with Osteoporosis

No matter how well-intentioned a property owner may be, they may not be able to remove all hazards that could harm individuals living with osteoporosis. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about commercial properties in South Africa that have accessibility issues. However, there are some steps you can take to guard yourself. 1. […]


Vitamin D: is your lifestyle increasing your chances of osteoporosis?

We love the sun. It’s the first thing we search for when we go on holiday. It’s the thing we consider when retiring. We complain when there are too many grey days. And we are gripped by an ‘island in the sun’ mentality when it comes to money. If we just work a bit smarter, […]


Vitamin D- Just another vitamin?


Osteoporosis is a condition that causes a reduction in bone mass and a deterioration of bone structure.It is estimated that worldwide an osteoporotic fracture occurs every 3 seconds. At 50 years of age, one in three women and one in five men will suffer a fracture in their remaining lifetime. For women this risk is […]