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Understanding Osteoporosis: risk factors

There are quite a number of risk factors that may increase your chances of developing osteoporosis. The key word here is ‘may’. In fact, merely because your profile might reflect one or more of these factors does not mean you’ll get osteoporosis, either in old age or otherwise. Osteoporosis can arise from a number of […]


The F-Word

In 2004 a patient organisation in the UK dealing with elderly people, published a leaflet about preventing falls in the aged. The title was “Don’t mention the F-word”. This title reflected the attitude of many older people who do not consider themselves old enough to fall as the general feeling was that it can “make […]


Male Osteoporosis: facts to make men pause

Few men think about osteoporosis with any real concern. They assume it is mainly an ailment of elderly women past menopause. Well, pause – and think again. Not only is this silent disease also relevant to men, particularly over the ages of 65 – 70, but the number of men with osteoporosis is rapidly increasing. […]