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Calcium-rich recipes: eat well for strong bones

Okay, so there you are behind a wall of cheese, yoghurt, nuts, sardines and beans. And do we spy the trembling head of a broccoli? Sigh. Things don’t have to be dull or repetitive if you’ve been told to keep to a calcium-rich diet to fight osteoporosis. There are a range of amazing choices that […]


Down to the Bone: labelling for osteoporosis

While we may well know that the most important nutrients for people with osteoporosis are calcium and vitamin D, there are differing ways to keep ourselves in good supply of these vital foods. Eating the right foods is one method, supplements are another. But how do we find the right ones, the correct products that […]


Osteoporosis and Nutrition: What best to eat when living with Osteoporosis

They say we are what we eat. And, while there are thousands of diet options that ensure that one stays healthy, it can be confusing when we need to change our diets to correct a lifetime of bad habits – or for that matter, even good habits. Life’s really awkward if you have a sensitive […]


How Sensible Nutrition Can Fight Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a challenge that authorities are facing in both South Africa and around the globe. Typically, and wrongly so, considered a dominantly female condition, Western Cape Authorities have noted that worldwide 25% of 50+ males experience osteoporotic fractures in comparison to 33% of women. With the challenges posed being so acute and serious, prevention […]


The Merits of Milk: and the doubtful debate

Milk. The very word conjures up a sense of gentle generosity and creamy delight. From the first moment mankind discovered the pleasures of warm cow’s milk, we have harvested this popular food in daily consumption for centuries. However, there are some – notably colon specialists and some dieticians – who believe that cow’s milk is […]


Good Genes, Good Bones: getting more than granny’s melktert

Good Genes Good Bones

It’s always good to go to granny’s for Sunday dinner – home cooked is what you get, tasty and nutritious. And no guessing on pudding – from apple pie to melktert, you knew you were getting the best; recipes honed to perfection and passed down through the family generations. And if granny was hale and […]


Vitamin D- just another vitamin?


We all know that calcium is good for bones, and much has been written about this, but calcium goes hand in hand with vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for the development and maintenance of bone, both for its role in assisting calcium absorption from food in the intestine, and for ensuring the renewal and […]


Exercise and Bones 4


Exercise Helps Posture and Balance – Prevents Falls Although a person with osteoporosis is at much greater risk of suffering a bone fracture than someone with normal bone mineral density, studies have shown that it is often a fall that causes the fracture. This puts elderly people at even greater risk of fracturing a bone […]


Exercise and Bone 1


The bones that make up our skeleton are made from living tissue, renewing itself continuously throughout our life. One of the mechanisms that help us build stronger bone, as well as maintaining our skeleton, is physical exercise. Bone and movement are inextricably linked. Bones help convert muscle power into directional motion. Think of the great […]