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Amgen Invites the general public to receive free Screenings to help predict and prevent osteoporosis while setting an Official World Record for most osteoporosis screenings conducted in a 24-hour period.  Osteoporosis-Screening Events to Take Place in Ten Countries on May 5, in Conjunction with Guinness World Records® The South African leg of this world record […]


Bone Work: living with osteoporosis in the workplace

Living with osteoporosis in the workplace If you are diagnosed with osteoporosis during your working years, you have two important aspects to contemplate: firstly, your job itself may be the cause of your osteoporosis if you spend your day mostly sitting and staring at a computer; and secondly, how you will manage the condition if […]


5 Painless Tips for Overcoming Accessibility Issues When Living with Osteoporosis

No matter how well-intentioned a property owner may be, they may not be able to remove all hazards that could harm individuals living with osteoporosis. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about commercial properties in South Africa that have accessibility issues. However, there are some steps you can take to guard yourself. 1. […]


Vitamin D: is your lifestyle increasing your chances of osteoporosis?

We love the sun. It’s the first thing we search for when we go on holiday. It’s the thing we consider when retiring. We complain when there are too many grey days. And we are gripped by an ‘island in the sun’ mentality when it comes to money. If we just work a bit smarter, […]


Too Close to the Bone: Effects of Smoking on your Bones

In the 1950s nearly everyone smoked. It was hip and happening – and if you were young, it looked cool. If you were a teenager, the reasoning was that it made you look grown up. And because all teenagers hate looking too young, anything that allows at snatch at adulthood is leapt upon with alacrity […]


Good Genes, Good Bones: getting more than granny’s melktert

Good Genes Good Bones

It’s always good to go to granny’s for Sunday dinner – home cooked is what you get, tasty and nutritious. And no guessing on pudding – from apple pie to melktert, you knew you were getting the best; recipes honed to perfection and passed down through the family generations. And if granny was hale and […]


Spreading the love on World Osteoporosis Day

20 October 2016 marked World Osteoporosis Day which is celebrated across the globe, and also on home ground through the efforts of NOFSA – the National Osteoporosis Foundation South Africa. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will develop this disease in South Africa, and NOFSA highlighted the urgency to #LoveYourBones with a […]


Dairy – Good or Bad for your Bones?


It appears that there still are many conflicting views about the health benefits of cow’s milk and this is being perpetuated by many “health” advisors who tell the public that cow’s milk is only good for calves and the evil source of many an unexplained ailment! Milk makes a very valuable contribution to a healthy […]