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Osteoporosis and Exercise: Working your bones to better Health

Being diagnosed with Osteoporosis can be unsettling. It’s disconcerting to discover that your bones are not what they used to be, that they’ve let you down and it could hold consequences for the future. How do you care for a condition that you cannot see, and cannot really feel? There is the sudden concern that […]


Osteoporosis and Nutrition: What best to eat when living with Osteoporosis

They say we are what we eat. And, while there are thousands of diet options that ensure that one stays healthy, it can be confusing when we need to change our diets to correct a lifetime of bad habits – or for that matter, even good habits. Life’s really awkward if you have a sensitive […]


Living with Osteoporosis: how to adapt after the diagnosis

Many of us take lifelong preventative measures against the likelihood of osteoporosis. We know enough now to understand causes, treatments, and best practice for avoidance. However, whatever we do, bones tend to weaken over time, and even if we take precautions, we may find ourselves in the precarious position of being on the verge of […]