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The Calcium Conundrum: how do you know you’re getting enough?

As with any nutriment we consume, calcium is unlikely to send us a quick message, ‘Hi, arrived safely. Waiting for absorption clearance. Will let you know.’ We can only hope we’ve taken in the right amount to be helpful, and that our bodies will react positively to the regular surge of bone building and strengthening […]


A Bone to Pick: do vegans get enough calcium?

We are constantly being advised that the correct amount of daily calcium will help us build and maintain strong bones well into old age. For most people that’s ensuring a supply through mainly the consumption of dairy: milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese.


The stark reality of South Africa’s low calcium intake

It is no exaggeration to say that the effects of osteoporosis are crippling – that the causes of it can be effectively curtailed by knowing some simple dietary and lifestyle facts, therefore seems all the more concerning and unnecessarily cruel. Some disturbing statistics: The average daily intake of calcium in South Africa is approximately 400-500mg/day […]


Nutrition and Bone Health 2


Calcium requirements Calcium requirements differ between Countries and are also dependent on your age and sex. It is widely accepted that the most calcium is needed during the teenage years when there is a growth spurt (a period of rapid bone growth), and also for women over 50 and men over 70. Peak Bone Mass […]


Calcium Supplementation


There can be no doubt that calcium is an important bone mineral. Calcium is also important to support other critical bodily functions like controlling your blood pressure, maintaining your heart beat, stimulation of hormone secretions, and clotting of blood. Calcium is lost daily in the urine, sweat and feces. It should therefore be replaced in […]