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#Better Bones – Basic Bone Health: keeping healthy and active throughout life

Keeping healthy throughout life is a tough business. Or maybe not. Maybe it is really just about habit. If you are careful about your diet 80% of the time, you should keep relatively well. If you exercise regularly and keep an eye on your weight, you should be in fair nick for most of your […]


A Bone to Pick: do vegans get enough calcium?

We are constantly being advised that the correct amount of daily calcium will help us build and maintain strong bones well into old age. For most people that’s ensuring a supply through mainly the consumption of dairy: milk, butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese.


Too Close to the Bone: Effects of Smoking on your Bones

In the 1950s nearly everyone smoked. It was hip and happening – and if you were young, it looked cool. If you were a teenager, the reasoning was that it made you look grown up. And because all teenagers hate looking too young, anything that allows at snatch at adulthood is leapt upon with alacrity […]