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Am I at Risk of Developing Osteoporosis?

Treating someone with established osteoporosis is difficult and the real key to managing this disease is by preventing it! Identifying your risk factors early can help stop bone loss sooner rather than later when it may be more difficult to treat. Because there are no real symptoms until a fracture happens, we call it the […]


That was then. Now is now: a Mother’s Determination

The following article was published in the May version of COPING (Osteoporosis Canada). Christine Thomas was only 42 when, bending to lift her newborn daughter, she fractured her spine. Diagnosed with five vertebral fractures as a result of unsuspected osteoporosis, she had no idea of the painful and transformative road she would have to travel […]


Too Close to the Bone: Effects of Smoking on your Bones

In the 1950s nearly everyone smoked. It was hip and happening – and if you were young, it looked cool. If you were a teenager, the reasoning was that it made you look grown up. And because all teenagers hate looking too young, anything that allows at snatch at adulthood is leapt upon with alacrity […]